Mar 062014

The problem with a lot of life lessons, is that sometimes their importance is only shadowed by the insurmountable difficulty from trying to actually teach it to someone. As we grow up, we hear certain things over and over again; though until we can really apply it to our own lives and obtain that firsthand experience, we just can’t fully grasp what’s being told to us. As I grew up, (mostly throughout my teens) I would hear those older than me discuss how willpower was a finite resource. Now, at this point in my life I was a teenager going through high-school, so my difficulties and responsibilities paled in comparison to those who were discussing this (or in comparison to my life now). I couldn’t even begin to fathom the difficulties of life after high-school, just as I’m sure I couldn’t fully grasp the difficulties I’ll face in life as I progress from where I am now (Working part time while schooling). Now, being a college student and working part time is no easy task. On a lot of days I could wake up early for an 8am class, and not get home until well after 9pm due to closing shifts at my place of employment. At that point I could find myself doing homework, just to force myself to sleep because I’ll have to soon wake up and do it all over again. This work/school schedule has quite a toll, and before I started college this last year I [...]

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Aug 182013

I’ve spent a good deal of time lately writing and rewriting my own classes for displaying bitmaps. While, I know there are plenty of engines and classes out there that have already done all of this, I opted to create my own set of tools so that I may learn, and design classes around what I personally use and need in my projects. What I came up with, is three classes. BlitObject A blank class (currently extending EventDispatcher) that holds basic data for what would originally be a DisplayObject. Contains positional data and bitmapdata, along with methods to update and manage all of this data. Methods give blitting capabilities for single frames. Animation A blitting animation class (currently extending BlitObject) that’s used for more complex blitting. This class houses methods for taking a simple piece of bitmapdata (from super BlitObject) and turning it into an animated bitmap through blitting. Contains malleable methods for customizing the timing, and order of frames of animation. Canvas A master DisplayObject class (Extending Bitmap) that organizes and manages the updating of all BlitObjects added to it. The class houses and displays all BlitObjects onto the screen. Actively reblitting and sorting “depth” based on blitting order. This is a basic rundown of the classes, so far they’ve proven to be very useful to me, and I’m sure I’ll advance their capabilities in due time as the need arises. Next on my plate is to implement these classes into PW to advance.

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Aug 122013

So I haven’t made much in the way of actual posts and updates here on this blog. Though, I have made plenty of strides lately in working on my PaperWings project. Most of which though has revolved on reworking what I’ve already created so that it’s more malleable to me, and more efficient in general. Already I have created a new set of classes to manipulate bitmaps to efficiently manage and display them on screen. I’ve also taken the time to make project-specific classes to aid in my quest for creating the perfect “engine” as it were, for this project. Stayed tuned for updates and explanations of changes for this endeavor.

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Jun 122013

Getting Started Right off the bat, let me define DRM. DRM stands for “Digital Rights Management”, it’s the means through which companies protect media from piracy, unauthorized use, and (a big one we’re going to be talking about here) resale. There are many forms of DRM, now lets look at a few in particular. Why people buy consoles Consumerism is a very interesting thing, and people buy products for a variety of reasons. I’m not going in depth in Console vs. PC, but I’ll touch up on a few reasons why people buy consoles in the first place. (Possibly over PC) Simplicity – Hardware usually comes “as is”, you don’t need to be very technologically inclined to operate them (Generally) No upgrading/swapping parts No downloading/installing, no software to learn how to operate to play games Games are tailor made, requiring little setup or tweaking to play Cost and life – Flat rate price for hardware, hardware will last years before needing to be replaced or upgraded Flatpack of technology, won’t need upgrading/maintenance to play new games during lifespan Collecting and Sharing – Easy ability to trade and borrow games with friends, and buy new games from others Physical game for collectors Physical game gives larger sense of ownership (vs digital buying) Buying/Trading/Selling freely at retailers Lending and borrowing games to and with friends Camaraderie – Easy and personal gaming among those you want to share your couch with, or online Connection – Traditionally you have the ability to play all [...]

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May 182013

Productivity comes and goes, especially for a person like myself. I’ll find days where I feel like cracking down, I’ll work and work and work for hours on end, shutting out the world and forgetting to eat (and sleep). It’s not healthy, but it gets the job done. Last week though, I started having a great streak of productivity, but now I’m a week behind schedule due to an injury. I had fallen and spilled at my job, and ended up hurting my right hand badly¬† (I’m right handed). Having just got the half-cast/brace off, I can return to work. Though, my hand is still a bit sore. Let’s just see where this next week takes me, I’m hoping to get quite a bit of work done on my projects.